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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A book begins with a single word

I guess the best way to get started is just to start. I didn't want to start this blog for the public, for my friends, for my family or anyone else but my personal, intellectual development. I actually want it to be quite private. At this point, I am not sure if I will share this "blog" or online diary with anyone. The reasoning behind me starting this blog is because I think there are some essential skills that you have to hone in order to be effective. One of those skills is reading, good, proven, education and historical literature, the other is writing about what you have learned. It is important not only because it aids you in further cementing the new things you have learned but it helps you develop and create ideas. Not to mention the benefit of improving writing skills, vocabulary and communication. So, in short, I hope that this blog does not focus on the subjects my past blogs did such as beauty advice, fashion and boyfriend problems, but my wish is that it helps connect with deeper and more intellectual components of my thought processes. I am talking about, biotechnology, biochemistry, disease therapies, the future of medicine, what I can do to contribute and any fledgling ideas I develop as I learn more about different molecules...So that is my introductory post. :) Not to mention I do not think most of my "twitter" followers will find much of this of great interest either....

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