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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sorry for being so very MIA

Sorry for being MIA. I have been extremely busy. I applied again to graduate school for my Masters in Public Health, which was a big deal because I had to ace my GRE. I did. But, it took really focused studying--since I had forgotten most of the mathematics. I wanted my application to be near perfect, and hopefully after a lot of hard work it is. I am now going back to focus on the LA job search--but this time not making any concessions. Healthcare focused only.

Currently living in DTLA and hate it for two reasons.

1. No place for a dog and I want one. I want a yard so my future mini labroodle can run outside if it needs to pee while I am at work (assuming I get a job soon).
2. No nature.  I like to jog outside and thats nearly impossible in DTLA.

Therefore: I think I am moving to Santa Monica when my lease is up in June YIPEEE.


  1. thank you thank you for this update! please keep them coming...would love to hear more abut why you decided to get your MPH :)

  2. Best wishes with the MPH apps! Question, since you recently got your MBA...wasn't the math similar in studying for the GRE as with the GMAT? And in the MBA itself?

  3. Hey ! Good choice. Currently in the MPH program at UIC In Chicago. Where r u looking? Are u looking to go to med school after??

  4. Ok, I didn't want to go here.....but Lauren and Kristin both respond to their fans' questions.......come on, if you make this blog and want people to read it...answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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