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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Backwards Waterfall Braid

Backwards WaterFall Braid
So this starts out as a normal french side braid. Take three pieces from the upper portion of the left or right side. Split into three sections. Begin Dutch braiding two or three times. Dutch braiding is the same as french braiding except the strands go under everytime you braid instead of over. Then When you have done a normal dutch braid for about two cycles through all the hair pieces start taking the piece nearest your face and put it in your mouth and take a new piece for your front section. Then instead of incorporating that into your braid put it in your mouth. Collecting all the front pieces until the braid is behind your ear, then pin with a bobby pin and let the front strands fall. Lightly brush them out and your ready to go. For a more polished look (less hippie bohemian) straighten or loosely curl hair first.

This is a great YOUTUBE tutorial on it
**Note: She does a regular french braid in this tutorial, remember to dutch braid as it stands out more and has a more intricate look. Much cooler looking.

Easy to do and I love the look! 

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