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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Juice Diet Progress and Notes

Day three! Hello!

Well I can surely say I am in a better mood and have lots of energy. Afternoons are the hardest for me not to snack as well as late, late at night. 11 pm-ish. But dinne time has been just fine with my 300 calorie Almond Milk. Really not very  much cravings at all.

I will shamelessly divulge my cheats--> I made dinner for my boyfriend and "tested it" to make sure the flavors were right far too many times. I also made homemade ricotta gnocchi last night and "tested" it to make sure the consistency was right. Other than that I've been pretty good.

I haven't been very hungry at all and my waistline is definitely trim at this point, it is so nice when you see results. Nothing more motivating than that.

Here are my notes for the flavors of Pressed Juicery so far, this is mainly for myself so I know what to order next time but I thought I would share as it may be helpful.

Greens 2: OK tasting
Do NOT like Roots 2
Do NOT love Roots 1
Pineapple pear ginger mint-OK for Desert
Pineapple green apple lemon mint-very sweet
Green Alkalizer-good, spicy, watery
Roots 3: Really really like
Greens 1: Palatable but little flavor. Very good for you. Low calories.
Almond Milk: Delicious. Love it for dinner
Watermelon, Lemon, Cayenne: SO SO GOOD. A favorite
Greens 4: Better than other greens, but not sweet.

Two more days to go!

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