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Monday, October 22, 2012

How to study and A-lways get A's!

I am going to write a HOW TO STUDY Guide, because I have gotten tons and tons of requests on this..If this doesn't apply to you feel free to ignore.

1. Go over all the material and really pay attention to what you reading, imagine it is a story with a plot. Beginning, Middle and End. Don't read it just to read while you are thinking about what's for dinner, because that will do NOTHING for you. In that case its better to just watch TV and do something else until you ready to concentrate. Pretending to study is not going to get you an A.

2. Once you have read over it, read it over again. This time take notes in your own words. The key to this is to consolidate. If you have 10 pages try to take 1 page of notes only writing down what you think is important in your OWN words. Draw pictures, make up rhymes, Acronyms. Make mini stories, if there are people in what you are studying make them characters. You can make characters out of molecules and events as well.  It also helps to make things dirty or outrageous. The dirtier and more outrageous the easier is it is to remember.

3. Then just remember your notes. They shouldn't be very long because you have condensed things in your own words. Make each topic or chapter in your notes a "memory bucket" or "memory room" . Once you start remembering what the basic "rooms" are--topics, you can start inserting details. You will find it SO SO  much easier to remember your own  notes than the book--as long as you have written them creatively and in your own words. Then you can go back to the text book or whatever it is your studying and add detail upon detail into your rooms. If you forget something new that's okay because you have the basic general topic or "memory bucket" memorized very well as your foundation from your notes. You can also add the details slowly into your notes. I find that if I memorize this way I can remember an extraordinary amount of things which usually impresses others.

3. Study in GROUPS! This will keep you engaged, have fun with it. Test each other , make up games with rewards whatever it takes to keep the topic of conversation on the study material while keeping things exciting. Go into the group with your basic notes that you have written already memorized. Use groups to insert details into what you already know not to memorize things in the first place (just FYI). It will be a lot more fun this way too. This also will give you an opportunity to teach others in your group which helps you learn things EVEN better.

Good Luck and Happy Studying! 

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