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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Please ask any questions in the "comment" section under the appropriate tab on top. I'll read them all xo


  1. do u still talk to lauren conrad, kristin, jessica smith, alex hoosier, lo??

  2. hi! i will be graduating from college this upcoming april and i have no idea what i'm going to do. i always wanted to be a doctor but unfortunately chemistry just does not click for me. i am a psychology major, but i have no interest in being a therapist or a counselor or anything like that. could you give me some random career ideas? i've been thinking about going into the business world and maybe being a human resources consultant or a labor relations manager but i havent done any relevant internships because i always thought i would be applying to medical/nursing school once i graduated. i don't really want to spend much time "exploring" because i'm tired of being a broke student, and ready to be making money. i know people say "do what you love" or "do what you have a passion for" but i don't really have a passion for anything (other than medicine but i'm just not smart enough). this whole thing is giving me terrible anxiety and making me even more depressed and stressed out! any advice would be great! thanks :)

  3. I answered your question in the career/school section....


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