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Monday, October 29, 2012


Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't answered your questions yet this week. I was studying for a big exam I had on Thursday for a certification in regulatory. Then I moved up to LA , and got my iphone 5 stolen at a club in hollywood (Greystone manor) for their halloween party. The part I am most pissed about is that I had such awesome pictures on that phone that I hadn't posted yet, and was going to post to my blog!!! I did "find my iphone" but the person who stole is obviously smarter than the average bear because they are keeping it off...That or they don't have an iphone 5 charger and my battery died. Either way--it was a big bummer. I am now using a craptastic blackberry and the little scrolling button doesn't even work. Ordered a new one, which cost me a FORTUNE, and have to wait till late November for it to come. Anyway..that was my weekend. Here are about 2 of 100 pics that survived....


  1. Seriously? Do you even comprehend what a whiny bitch you sound like? Maybe stop sucking off your dad for money, get a J O B, and buy your own damn phone stoopid bitch.

    1. Rude! If you look at her LinkedIn she has a job.


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